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The Burnhams Flower Show, Fete & Carnival


Further info will be available when the schedule is published at the beginning of June



All flowers and vegetables in Section A must have been grown by the person 

exhibiting. Pot plants, if purchased, must have been "grown on" by the 

exhibitor  and been in their possession for at least 6 months.


CUT FLOWERS:  sponsored by Hamilton Antiques & Fakenham 

Garden Centre

1   A gent's buttonhole.

2   A  lady's buttonhole

3   Four sprays of floribunda roses

4   One hybrid tea rose

5   Vase of four roses

6   Best bowl of roses  (Winner will also be awarded the Tom Tweed cup) 

7   Five pinks                                                         

8   Four kinds of cut flowers, shown in separate containers

9   Vase of ten sweet peas

10  3 stems of any flower (the same variety) in a vase

11  Best bowl of flowers

12  A vase of your favourite bloom(s)

POT PLANTS: sponsored by Clothesline & Fakenham Garden Centre

13  One pot plant (foliage)

14  One pot plant (flowering)

15  One cactus or cacti in a pot

16  One succulent or succulents in a pot

17  One orchid in a pot

18  A favourite pot plant or plants.

19  A patio container

SOFT FRUIT: sponsored by Fakenham Garden Centre

20  Dish of redcurrants on stalks, ten stalks

21  Dish of blackcurrants on stalks, ten stalks

22  Ten raspberries with stalks

23  Ten green or yellow gooseberries 

24  Ten red gooseberries 

25  Three soft fruits, shown separately, ten of each

26  Any fruit or fruits not mentioned above

VEGETABLES: sponsored by Gun Hill Clothing Co Ltd., May Construction

Ltd. & Fakenham Garden Centre


27  Collection of five vegetables on a tray

28  Heaviest onion with top as grown  

29  Three courgettes

30  Five white potatoes - any type

31  Five coloured potatoes - any type

32  Ten pods of peas 

33  Ten pods of broad beans 

34  Ten pods of French beans

35  Five carrots with tops - any type

36  Ten dressed shallots

37  Five onions with tops as grown (not peeled)

38  Five beetroot with tops

39  Two cucumbers

40  Two cabbages with stalks

41  Five radishes with tops on a plate

42  Two lettuces

43  Five tomatoes (any colour)

44  Three bulbs of garlic 

45  Collection of five pieces of salad on a tray

46  Any other vegetable(s) not mentioned above

47  A mutant or rude vegetable

The Douglas Webdale cup will be awarded to the person scoring the most 

points in the vegetable section.


Entries for classes 48 to 51 can be no further than 6 miles from Burnham Market.

48  BEST HANGING BASKET sponsored by Brian Rix Ltd. & Fakenham 

      Garden Centre (1st prize £15, 2nd prize £10, 3rd prize £5)    

49  BEST GARDEN OR ALLOTMENT  sponsored by Fakenham Garden Centre 

      (1st prize £25 & the Burnhams Landscape Cup, 2nd prize £20, 3rd prize £15)

50  TALLEST SUNFLOWER (1st prize £10, 2nd prize £7, 3rd prize £5)

51  A SCARE CROW sponsored by Tillys

      (1st prize £15, 2nd prize £10, 3rd prize £5)


      (Bucket should not be more than 10 litres in volume)

Please make your entries for Best Garden & Best Hanging Basket at least 1     week 

prior to the show date.  Please contact Diana Black on 01328 730778 to arrange 

a time for the judges to visit.


PHOTOGRAPHY  sponsored by Pocock’s The Artmonger

53  Celebration

54  Norfolk

55  Free choice

56  Nature

The Eileen Sibson Trophy will be awarded to the winner of class 54

Photographs may be in colour or black & white, maximum size 7" x 5", and 

NOT framed or mounted.  Each class has a sub-section for 16 yrs and under.


FLOWER ARRANGING  sponsored by Lime Green

57  An arrangement to represent a piece of music - accessories may be used. 

Maximum size 50cm x 50cm x 50cm

58  An arrangement of herbs and weeds

59  An arrangement in a basket

60  An arrangement for the King

61  A petite arrangement, not to exceed 6" overall

Flowers & foliage etc used in Section C may be obtained from any (legal) source.             


COOKERY sponsored by Anna

62  A lemon drizzle cake

63  A banana loaf

64  5 cheese scones

65  A loaf of bread (bread maker permitted)

66  A sweet or savoury vegan treat

67  5 Norfolk shortcakes (using recipe on page 14)

68  A cake to celebrate the Coronation

69  1 jar of jam/jelly 

70  1 jar of marmalade

71  A jar of lemon curd 



sponsored by Satchells of Burnham Market          

72  A bottle of homemade wine (still or sparkling)

73  A fruit liqueur (eg sloe gin, plum rum etc) 

74  A bottle of homemade lemonade  

75  A bottle of homemade fruit cordial (eg elderflower, blackcurrant)

76  A bottle of homemade beer    

The Audrey Mahon Cup will be awarded to the person aged 16 or under 

scoring the most points in Section D    


HANDICRAFT  sponsored by the Burnham Market Sunday Tea Party Group

77  A piece of jewellery 

78  A handmade candle

79  A greetings card in any medium

80  A bookmark

81  An item of clothing

82  An item made from soft material (eg knitting, patchwork, felt etc)

83  An item made from hard material (eg wood, metalwork, stained glass etc)

84  An embroidery picture or sampler (own design)

85  An embroidery picture or sampler (from a kit)

86  A picture or drawing (framed or unframed)

87  A work in progress (any material)

88  An item of handicraft to celebrate the coronation

89  Any other piece of handicraft not mentioned above

Items in Section E should not have previously been exhibited at this show


The Ivie Garfitt Cup, will be awarded to the best exhibit made by someone 

aged 16 or under



The prizes for this section are 1st - £2.50, 2nd - £2, 3rd - £1.50

A PICTURE sponsored by Gurneys Fish Shop & Whitehall Farm B&B

This year, all age groups have been given the title ‘Celebration’ any medium 

may be used. The age groups are as follows.

90  Nursery (2-3 yrs)

91  Nursery (3-4 yrs)                 

92  Year R (4-5 yrs)  

93  Year 1 (5-6 yrs)

94  Year 2  (6-7 yrs)             

95 Year 3  (7-8 yrs) 

96  Year 4  (8-9 yrs)    

97  Year 5  (9-10 yrs) 

98  Year 6  (10-11 yrs)

99  12-16yrs         

HANDICRAFT sponsored by Norfolk Living

100  Something made from lego (your own design) maximum size 20cm x 20cm

101  A creature made from vegetables

102  A decorated paper plate

103  Your portrait of the King

104  A decorated stone

105  A design for the cover of your favourite book

106  A flower arrangement in a milk carton

107  The first verse of the National Anthem written in your best handwriting 

(no bigger than A5)

Each class will be judged in 3 age groups, 3-5, 6-9 & 10-14 yrs.

COOKERY sponsored by Norfolk Living

108  3 flapjacks

109  3 chocolate fridge cakes (eg tiffin, rocky road etc)

110  3 fairy cakes

Each class will be judged in 3 age groups, 3-5, 6-9 & 10-14 yrs.

GARDENING sponsored by Dempseys & Norfolk Living

111  Something I have grown (vegetables)

112  Something I have grown (flowers or pot plant)

113  A potato in a bucket (bucket should not be more than 10 litres in volume) 

- bring the whole bucket with the potato growing in it.

114  Tallest sunflower (1st prize £10, 2nd £7, 3rd £5)

115  Best garden (1st prize £20, 2nd £15, 3rd £10)

116  A Scarecrow (1st prize £15, 2nd prize £10, 3rd prize £5)

Classes 114, 115 & 116 will be judged during the week before the show; can be

no further than 6 miles form Burnham Market, please phone Diana Black on 

01328 730778 to arrange a time for the judges to visit.

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